As a family owned and independent company, we are focusing on the highest quality of malt and we believe in long-term relationships with our farmers and clienteles. We are proud to supply the best malt quality to our customers. Please check our two minutes company video.

Situated at the heart of the European barley fields, our malting plants offers the flexibility to work with first class brew- and distilling barley. Our malt craftsmen guarantee the quality of our products. As an independent Dutch company we have been sharing our expertise with craft breweries, distillers and global beer players for over a century.

Holland Malt, your quality in our hands.

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At Holland Malt we stand for high quality and excellent customer service, always focusing on long-term interests. We work in relatively small dedicated teams in which each individual plays an equally important role. Personal development and team spirit are therefore essential to our success. Holland Malt invests in its people so that we can bring out the best in them, build a better future together and keep the company fit for future generations. Does this ambition appeal to you too?

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