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About Holland Malt

Holland Malt is an independent and family owned maltings with a long and rich history. We have been producing brewers’ and distillers’ malts for over 100 years with increasing success, always focusing on high quality malts. Today we export our products to over 50 countries across all continents. Our customers cover a very broad spectrum, from small companies to large multinationals. Holland Malt always puts its customers first and offers a wide range of high quality malts and outstanding service.

Our history


The Swinkels Family started their first small malthouse over 100 years ago.
During the First World War (1914-1918), however, Dutch brewers were unable to obtain malting barley from neighbouring countries. In order to keep malt and beer production going, the brewers joined forces by purchasing malting barley from the USA. Unfortunately the first ship was torpedoed. The Swinkels Family was well-insured and used the insurance money to make significant investments in their maltings.


The construction of a new malting plant started in 1938. The malthouse now comprised four 10-tonne steeping vessels, four 10-tonne germination boxes and a kiln with two floors. The kiln was heated indirectly using coal. The Netherlands were occupied for over 4 years during the war (1940-1945). As in World War I, the kiln was used to dry vegetables to feed the local community.


Soon after the liberation of the Netherlands, four more 10-tonne germination boxes were constructed. The capacity of the maltings now exceeded local need. The surplus malt was sold to breweries in other regions of the Netherlands and to the Dutch Malt Export Organisation.

Sixties and seventies

By 1964 beer consumption in The Netherlands had grown significantly as a consequence of improved living standards. Malting capacity doubled once again, reaching an annual production of 12,000 tonnes. Now, the maltings comprised four steeping vessels, 12 germination boxes of 20 tonnes each and two steam-heated kilns. Markets were liberalised in the EU at the end of the sixties. The maltings increased its capacity to an intake of 40,000 tonnes of malting barley per year through the construction of one of the first tower maltings in the world (1971).

This tower maltings was erected by means of a new construction method using sliding formwork to pour the concrete. The maltings included four 43-tonne steeping vessels and three germination and kiln units, each with a capacity of 170 tonnes.


The energy crisis at the end of the seventies, led to the decision to use a combined heat and power supply. The heat from this unit was used for the kiln. This greatly improved both environmental impact as well as food safety.

A second tower was constructed in 1981 and the first tower was restructured into a kilning tower. Now, the maltings comprised one germination tower with five boxes and one steeping and kilning tower.

The independent maltings EMN in Wageningen was acquired in 1987 and was modernised in 1988. This acquisition increased total capacity to approximately 120,000 tonnes.


A second germination tower was constructed in 1991, followed by a second kilning tower in 1995. Overall capacity increased yet further while improvements in quality were achieved by reducing the kiln load to 330 kg/m2.

The new millennium

In 2003 the Swinkels family and the farmers’ cooperative, Agrifirm, decided to join forces to optimise the Dutch barley-malt-beer supply chain. The new joint venture was named Holland Malt and comprised 90% of the Dutch malt production capacity as well as 95% of the Dutch malting barley collect.
At the same time the decision was taken to close Wageningen maltings and build a new integrated 140,000-tonne maltings (2005) in a port export location, Eemshaven. The total capacity of Holland Malt now reached some 265,000 tonnes.

In November 2014, Agrifirm sold its share in Holland Malt to the Swinkels family who now owned 100% of the company. Two years later (2016) the annual production capacity in Eemshaven was doubled to 280,000 tonnes. Today this state-of-the-art production facility is considered one of the largest and most modern malting plants in the world. The entire facility is of steel construction using mostly stainless steel to obtain the highest standards of hygiene.


Today, Holland Malt’s total production capacity is 405,000 tonnes, of which 280,000 tonnes is produced in Eemshaven and 125,000 tonnes in Lieshout.

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Meet our team

Meet the people of Holland Malt; a team of specialists who provide our customers with the highest quality malt as well as the best conditions and services.

Jos Jennissen


Willem Swinkels


Joost van der Biezen

Commercial Manager

Luuk Hendriks

Sales Manager

Martijn van Iersel

Manager Quality & Technology

Eric Meersman

Senior Technologist Malt & Beer

Ellen van Dorp

Quality Engineer

Nicky Meeuws

Business Controller

Stefan van Nunen

Assistant Finance Controller

Rick Verhaegh

Senior Demand Planner

Elma Kerkhof

Senior Supply & Demand Planner

Pieter Rooijakkers

Demand Planner

Edwin Evers

Manager Operations

Bert van Dijk

Planner & Silo Manager Malt House Lieshout

Hennie van de Laar

Technologist Malt House Lieshout

Christian Trilsbeek

Production Manager Malt House Lieshout

Thomas Brouwers

Technical Service Malt House Lieshout

Marco van Dun

Plant Manager Malt House Eemshaven

Freddy Huberts

Planner & Silo Manager Malt House Eemshaven

Gert-Jan van Veen

Technologist Malt House Eemshaven

Albert Huisman

Technical Manager Malt House Eemshaven

William Velthuizen

Production Manager Malt House Eemshaven

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At Holland Malt we stand for high quality and excellent customer service, always focusing on long-term interests. We work in relatively small dedicated teams in which each individual plays an equally important role. Personal development and team spirit are therefore essential to our success. Holland Malt invests in its people so that we can bring out the best in them, build a better future together and keep the company fit for future generations. Does this ambition appeal to you too?

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