AEO status

Holland Malt obtains AEO status

In May 2019 Holland Malt has received the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate. This concerns the single permit ‘AEO customs and security’ and was issued by Inge Smits on behalf of the Customs Authority to Willem Swinkels, CFO of Holland Malt. The certificate is usually issued to companies that are active internationally and therefore offers advantages in international trade. With this certificate, Holland Malt will be given priority in any checks that may be carried out to allow for faster processing. It is also a recognised safety certification by other countries, including those outside the European Union.

“We are extremely proud to have received this certificate today and it underlines our careful and transparent working methods. We have taken the necessary measures to comply with the requirements of this permit. With the help of our QESH (Quality Environment Safety & Health) employees, all business processes were carefully screened and adjusted where necessary. This fits right within our policy and feels self-evident that we perform these verifications ourselves. The AEO status ensures more efficient administration and better service to our customers.”

Willem Swinkels

CFO of Holland Malt

Efficient administration and better services

Security and controls in international trade are becoming increasingly demanding. Safety requirements are becoming increasingly stringent and companies need to be able to anticipate them. The AEO status means fewer physical and document checks, which means that the procedures are handled faster.

About AEO certification

In the case of an AEO certificate, the principle is based on the customs authority’s trust in the organisation, based on the past and on the company’s own responsibility. The certificate covers the entire logistics chain, aimed at safe goods transportation.

“AEO certification is the beginning of a new start together, in which we jointly supervise the supply chain, each under our own responsibility. I hope that the channels of communication we have established will remain open and transparent.”

Inge Smits

Customer management at the Customs Authority in Eindhoven

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