Crystal Malts and Crystal Red

Our Crystal malts are produced with our special High Performance kiln. After the germination process, enzymes are stimulated to degrade starch and proteins, the result is a liquified endosperm in which the monosaccharides are readily available. Crystal malts are thus characterized by their hard crystallised endosperm, the very sweet character that gives a fuller body to the beer, a friendly aroma and a deeper color.

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Malt type Colour (EBC) Colour (Lovibond) Application Characteristics
Crystal malt (pale) 20 -30 8-12°L Trappist ales


Blond Ales


Excellent extract

Sweet, slight malty, flavour

Crystal Red 40-60 15-25°L Amber, Red Ales Full red color

Sweet flavour resulting in a full body

The typical combination of colour and flavour enable its application in red colored beers such as red ales

Crystal malt (dark) 100 – 140 38-55°L Trappist dubbel ales
Bock beers
Excellent extract


Deep dark color

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