CSR Report 2018

“2018 was a year to be proud of. Proud of the hard work that resulted in a record malt production and turnover. My personal highlight of 2018 was the opening of the new malting plant in Eemshaven. With the innovative energy and heat sharing system, we reduced CO2 emissions, while simultaneously doubling our capacities in Eemshaven to meet the growing demand.

In January 2019 we also celebrated the second year without safety incidents (LTI) in Lieshout maltings! A great result of the ‘BeSafe awareness programme’. We are fully committed to continue on this road and hope to have a third year without safety incidents.

CSR Report 2018

In this report we show how we walk the talk: the results we achieved so far, our next steps and our long-term ambitions.

Jos Jennissen, CEO Holland Malt

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