Facts & figures of Plant Eemshaven

Eemshaven is a greenfield maltings focussing on production of pilsner, wheat and distilling malts for export. In 2015 we decided to expand the plant in Eemshaven with two extra state-of-the-art towers. The expansion follows on the growth that Holland Malt has made in recent years. With this, we strengthens our position in Europe and pave the way for further internationalisation.

Annual capacity 280.000 tons
Malt storage 28.000 tons
Silos More than 60
Barley storage 60.000 tons
Batch size 470 tons
Steeping process 24 hours
Conical and flat bottom steeps
Germination process 5 ,5 days
650 kg/m2
Kilning process 24 hours
325 kg/m2

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