Facts & figures of Plant Lieshout

In Lieshout we produce malt since the beginning of last century. This inland maltings is focussing on flexibility and is specialized in the production of distilling, craft and specialty malts like Aroma-, Munich-, Amber-, Wheat-, and Caramel Malt. We export our specialty malt to craft breweries in North- and South-Europe, UK, Latin-America, Asia, Africa and the USA where we use our own distribution network to keep 100% control of our quality.

Annual capacity 125.000 tons
Malt storage 30.000 tons
Silos More than 200
Barley storage 15.000 tons
Batch size 190 tons
Steeping process 24 hours
Conical steeps
Germination process 5,5 days
650 kg/m2
Kilning process 24 hours
325 kg/m2

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