Health and safety

High-quality employment conditions and a healthy and safe working environment are very important to Holland Malt. We are proud to have very longstanding relationships with many of our employees. Offering opportunities for continuous personal development and giving attention to ideas are key elements in our policy.

We ensure a safe environment with measurements from our ‘Safety Master Plan’: we eliminate industry risks, educate workers, provide and repeat safety trainings and obligate personal protection equipment.

In 2018 we continued our strong safety performance. Two incidents occurred at Eemshaven maltings. To reduce incidents in the future, we will provide more training to our employees via the safety trainings of Stop DuPont.

We are proud that 0 incidents occurred in Lieshout maltings. After several incidents about 5 years ago, we launched our extensive safety program BeSafe. This proved to be successful, as is shown by this fantastic result. Of course, we celebrated this achievement and are focused to retain our zero-incident result in 2019.

See our 2020 CSR report for all our initiatives and 2020 performance on Health and Safety.

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