Our malt houses

Holland Malt has two malting plants at strategic (port) locations with direct access to all main malting barley regions in Europe. As a result we are able to source the best quality European barleys. This Multiple Sourcing Strategy provides us with a wide range of varieties and origins. Depending on quality, we source barley from France, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Scandinavia. Both plants are situated close to Rotterdam, Europe’s number one container port with outstanding export opportunities.

Our ultramodern malting facility is located in a deep sea port in the North of The Netherlands, surrounded by malting barley fields and close to Europe’s biggest container port. Our malting plant accommodates the most advanced technology and is ideally situated for both the import of raw materials as well as the export of the finished product.

As well as the production of pilsner and distilling malt, the malting plant in the south of The Netherlands specialises in the production of Wheat, Pale Ale, Munich, Amber, Caramel, Aroma and Organic malts. Our malt craftsmen guarantee the quality of our products.

Production in both plants is focussing on high efficiency, at the same time keeping an eye on sustainability of production.

Planning preventive maintenance in a more intelligently way enables the current malting plant to run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Plant Eemshaven

Eemshaven is a greenfield maltings focusing on the production of Pilsner, Wheat and Distilling malts for export. In 2016, construction started to expand the plant with two additional state-of-the-art malt towers with a total capacity of 280,000 tonnes. The expansion was a logical result of the growth demonstrated by Holland Malt over the previous years and paved the way for further internationalisation. The location at the deep sea port of Eemshaven provides Holland Malt a strong logistical base, both for the delivery of malting barley as well as for the export of malt. Eemshaven also offers tremendous opportunities with regard to energy. Large international energy companies are based in Eemshaven, which provides potential for sustainable growth.

Plant Lieshout

We have been  producing malt in Lieshout since the beginning of the last century. This inland maltings focuses on flexibility and specialises in the production of distilling, craft and specialty malts such as Wheat, Pale Ale, Munich, Amber, Caramel, Aroma and Organic malts. We export our specialty malts to craft breweries in Northern and Southern Europe, the USA, Latin-America, Africa and Asia.

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