Sustainable agriculture

Our business depends on the availability of barley. No barley, no malt. The best barley provides the best malt, which in return provides the best beer. To secure a sustainable barley production, we work together with farmers, knowledge institutions, breweries and distilleries.

We are committed to sustainable agriculture and are part of multiple platforms that certify and enable farmers. We are a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) and Skylark Foundation. In addition, we are also involved in a few other local initiatives, such as ‘Farmer Beer Water’ at Lieshout maltings and local sourcing at the Koningshoeven brewery. With these initiatives, we tackle the wide ambitions that sustainable agriculture has, such as safeguarding biodiversity, ensuring healthy soils, protecting crop sustainably, using green energy, empowering farmers and sharing knowledge.

We are very proud of what we have achieved together: during 2018 we have made a significant step in both the quantity and the quality of our sustainable sourcing.

See our 2020 CSR report for all our initiatives and 2020 performance on Sustainable agriculture.

We collaborate increasingly with our clients on sustainable value chains to source 100% sustainable barley in 2025.

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